Blue Line Robotic Cleaner: Your Trustworthy Pool Cleaning Companion

Mon, 22 May 2023


Blue Line Robotic Cleaner: Your Trustworthy Pool Cleaning Companion


“The Blue Line Two by Two robotic cleaner pool reduces the manpower of pool maintenance, and the pool water is clear after cleaning.”
– Estuari Sports Centre Representative


An exclusive club nestled at the heart of Iskandar Puteri, Johor, ONE°15 Marina Puteri Harbour offers everything and much more than one could wish for from a private Marina and Sports Club. Overlooking the stunning waterfront of the Straits of Johor, ONE°15 Marina Puteri Harbour houses not only 205 berthing spaces for yachts (including 11 for superyachts) but also world-class amenities comprising deluxe hotel suites with spectacular panoramic views, a relaxing members’ lounge, a posh 360-seat ballroom, gym and sports facilities, co-working spaces and meeting rooms, epicurean dining selections and so forth. Moreover, for sports enthusiasts, the state-of-the-art ONE°15 Estuari Sports Centre is just a stone’s throw away. This 13,000-sqm integrated sports complex features multiple facilities, such as yoga/aerobic/Zumba/spinning studios, a rock-climbing wall, badminton courts and indoor/outdoor tennis courts. Among others, perhaps its most noticeable amenity is non-other than its Federation International de Natation (FINA)-compliant Olympic-size swimming pool.

Bird’s-eye view of the ONE°15 Estuari Sports Centre

Nevertheless, housing such world-class facilities does pose a major problem for the Estuari Sports Centre management crew: maintenance of the sports facilities.

– Maintenance of the facilities, particularly the swimming pool, can be a real pain in the neck –

The Estuari Sports Centre management crew constantly faced the issue of the lack of labour to cater to all the maintenance needs of their sports facilities. Of all facilities, the maintenance of the swimming pool was particularly a hassle. Because of its size and its nature of being a structure designed to hold a massive amount of water, maintenance of the swimming pool tended to be more delicate, more time-consuming, more labour intensive, and in turn, more costly in the long run.

Therefore, Estuari Sports Centre set out to seek a smarter, more convenient and more efficient means to resolve its pool maintenance trouble and found TAD Solutions Sdn. Bhd. As a specialist in providing sports infrastructure solutions, TAD Solutions proposed Waterco’s product to solve Estuari Sports Centre’s pool cleaning predicament.

Estuari Sports Centre’s FINA-Compliant Olympic-size swimming pool

What Estuari Sports Centre Needed
The requirement of Estuari Sports Centre’s crew was quite simple: A solution to help with the maintenance of the swimming pool, or rather, to put it bluntly, some method or contraption to help clean the pool. In addition, the crew wished to opt for a local brand with locally sourced spare parts and locally-available support. This, of course, was logical because utilizing local resources would ease maintenance work, save maintenance costs and reduce parts procurement time in the future.

Ultimately, TAD Solutions proposed the Blue Line Two by Two (2x2) to Estuari Sports Centre.

Blue Line Robotic Cleaner: A Reliable Buddy for Pool Maintenance
The Blue Line robotic cleaner comes with a unique gyroscopic system that ensures accurate, effective scanning and cleaning of every nook and cranny of the swimming pool. It is also user-friendly, with a fully automated feature and a plug-and-play operation. In the case of the Two by Two model, it combines the working power and efficiency of two robots at the same time. With its dual brushing action and dual high-capacity and ultra-fine filtration systems, it gets the pool cleaning job done at a higher capacity and effectiveness.

The Blue Line Two by Two sitting by the Estuari Sports Centre swimming pool, ready & eager to earn its keep.

Upon testing out and examining the actual work performance of the Blue Line Two by Two robotic pool cleaner, Estuari Sports Centre’s crew is satisfied with the outcome. The cleaning work of the Blue Line Two by Two is at par with the work of manual labour, producing a spotless and clear swimming pool. What’s more, the robotic cleaner is easy to set up, and the entire cleaning process is fully automated and requires minimal supervision. With the help of the Blue Line Two by Two, Estuari Sports Centre’s maintenance staff can focus on the upkeep of other various sports facilities. As a bonus, Estuari Sports Centre can save substantially on its pool maintenance costs.


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