The Future of Eco-Friendly Farming

Wed, 14 Jun 2023

Aquponi-House in Japan

The Future of Eco-Friendly Farming

Located in the beautiful coastal city of Fujisawa in Kanagawa, Japan, Aquponi-House is an advanced aquaponics farm that is redefining sustainable farming practices. This cutting-edge farm is committed to providing local communities with fresh, organic produce while minimizing environmental impact. By employing the principles of aquaponics, Aquponi-House expertly intertwines the nurturing of aquatic life with the cultivation of plants. Their closed-loop system allows plants to draw nourishment from the organic waste produced by the aquatic life while concurrently purifying the water for the aquatic creatures.

As a result, Aquponi-House not only cultivates a wide range of fresh produce but also supports a thriving ecosystem of fish, making it a landmark in sustainable and innovative farming practices.



Aquponi-House’s fine produce

Sustainable Farming at Its Finest

The state-of-the-art farm was conceived by Aquponi Inc. Japan’s pioneer aquaponics company. Aquponi- House revels in producing only the best technology that continues to create ground-breaking work and has led to considerable improvements in the quality and quantity of produce. Their vision – to nurture the earth and spread joy among communities through the transformative power of aquaponics.

Aquponi-House is one of their success stories. It sits on an area of 500 square metres, growing mostly fresh lettuce and herbs. This on-site greenhouse serves as the heart of the operation, ensuring the perfect climate for a variety of crops. Advanced air and water conditioning systems ensure that both plants and aquatic life thrive in their respective habitats. Precise filtration systems play a crucial role in filtering out solid waste and transforming it into plant-friendly nutrients while maintaining water clarity for the fish. Pumps then recirculate this nutrient-rich water between the fish tank and the grow beds, creating a symbiotic environment where plants and fish mutually benefit. The grow beds are carefully designed for optimal root growth, enabling plants to absorb the necessary nutrients. At the core of this sophisticated ecosystem lies the tilapia fish tanks that utilize natural waste for plant nourishment. Together, these components work side-by-side to make Aquponi-House the epitome of modern, sustainable farming.


Mr. Koo Zao Cheong, Regional Business Development Manager, with Mr. Kengo Hamada from Aquponi Inc.

Waterco Teaming Up with Aquponi Inc.

Aligning with the company’s core values, Waterco allocated its prized Aquabiome AS600 filter as the primary filter in charge. The AS600 filter’s defining feature is its astounding capacity to foster dense colonies of nitrifying bacteria, vital for a balanced aquatic ecosystem. The remarkable reliability and user friendly maintenance of Aquabiome make it an ideal choice for high-density recirculation systems.

The filter is preceded by its equally powerful counterpart, the Multicyclone 16. This ingenious device leverages centrifugal water filtration to separate and capture both large and fine particles from the water before it reaches the main filtration system. As a result, the Multicyclone significantly reduces the load on the primary filter, thereby increasing its lifespan and reducing the need for frequent maintenance. The final touch to this ensemble is Waterco’s UV Solclear. Capitalizing on ultraviolet technology, this robust device radiates energetic rays to disinfect waters, avoiding the expense of chemical decontamination. This compact, comprehensive filtration system was, without a doubt, the optimal choice for Aquponi’s aquaponic vision.

Unlocking the Key to Renewable Food Source

Through this approach, efficient farming has never been easier. Aquponi’s brilliant aquaponics system provides a feasible avenue for mass food production without paying hefty environmental costs. Aquponi Inc. continues to pave the way towards facilitating a seamless flow of resources for the greater good of generations to come. Waterco is grateful, as much as it is proud, to be part of such great accomplishments.

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