A Thriving Home for Your Beloved Koi

Thu, 4 May 2023


A Thriving Home for Your Beloved Koi

Maintaining a koi pond is a labour of love. Koi fish are delicate creatures that require a clean, well-aerated environment to thrive. Without proper filtration, the build-up of waste and sludge in the pond can bring about less-than-adequate water quality, causing unhealthy inhabitants. Thus, it is fair to say that the upkeep of a beautiful koi pond requires dedication, patience, and equally important, proper tools and equipment to keep the water clean and safe. But ask any koi pond owner, and they are sure to affirm that the rewards are well worth it. A koi pond is, beyond a reasonable doubt, a magnificent and serene addition to any yard. And the bright and vibrant colours of the koi, their longer lifespan and their improved growth rates are all testaments to a well-maintained koi pond.

A Search for a Reliable Solution

As a beginner in koi, Mr Chan had consulted and awarded his koi pond build to a landscape builder who, unfortunately, did not fully understand that a koi pond’s filtration requirement is much more sophisticated than meets the eye. Not long after that, Mr Chan discovered multiple issues in the pond that did not make sense. Dissatisfied, Mr Chan embarked on a journey to search for a koi pond specialist that could provide advice professionally concerning the ideal filter and pond flow system; in other words, a better living environment for his koi. Fortunately, Mr Chan came across Koi Secrets® (a division of G Productions), Waterco products’ authorized dealer. Koi Secrets®, upon evaluating Mr Chan’s predicaments and requirements, recommended Waterco’s filtration system. Mr Chan was intrigued with the features and the promised advantages of Waterco products, thereby opted to try out Waterco’s filtration system.

The Perfect Trio: Aquabiome Filter, Supastream Pump and ElectroChill Chiller

Koi Secrets® proposed a comprehensive filtration system to our client, comprising (i) an Aquabiome ASM500 Filter; (ii) a Supastream 075 Pump; and (iii) an ElectroChill Chiller (9kW).

ElectroChill Chiller
ElectroChill is the ideal solution to cater to the need for chilled water in aquatic animals. It utilizes the environmental-friendly R410A refrigerant, and it has a high energy efficiency ratio (EER). Moreover, it comes in a fairly compact size, which eases installation and saves space.

Supastream Pump
Supastream is a part of Waterco’s strong lineup of high performance pumps engineered to meet efficiency and durability needs. It comes with a high-grade Carbon/Graphite 316 stainless steel mechanical seal for extra protection against corrosion. Moreover, its pump protection bracket protects the motor from any potential leakage.

Aquabiome Filter
Aquabiome combines mechanical and biological filtration in a single housing. By doing so, the entire filtration system can be more compact than a conventional set of separate mechanical and biological filters. Furthermore, it has higher energy efficiency, and at the same time, requires less maintenance effort.

The Team’s Challenges and Solutions

While it was entirely possible to improve the performance of the existing common 5-chamber filter system, Mr Chan wished to prioritize more on the aspect of design, with a filtration system that works well and looks good at the same time! Hence, Koi Secrets®, cooperating with its associate company, Bolster & Bedd ID Sdn. Bhd., went on to plan for the careful and accurate arrangement of piping, electrical and equipment for super neat, compact yet easily accessible placement of all equipment
components. Even so, the limited space on-site still posed a challenge for the team all the same: They were faced with the difficulty of installing the chiller unit alongside the filter unit. Ultimately, Koi Secrets®’s installation team adopted a specialized bracket to mount the chiller unit onto the wall. As you can see, the limited space area is wholly utilized, both wall and floor!

Mr Chan is exceedingly satisfied with the outcome. The Waterco filtration system has not only met but exceeded his expectations, providing him with a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable environment for his koi. Besides, Mr Chan is impressed with the planning and neat installation work by Koi Secrets®, as well as how its team professionally handled the obstacles along the way.

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