Extending the swimming season at Thailand’s Rachawadee Home with Waterco Heat Pump

Tue, 19 Jul 2022

Waterco’s Electroheat is extending the swimming season at Thailand’s Rachawadee Home.

WATERCO’s Electroheat heat pump is designed with an advance swimming pool heating solution.
All Electroheat models are built for high performance and reliability. We are confident that
“The right pool heating will extend your swimming season even further and enable us to satisfy our clients high expectation”.










Waterco’s Electroheat solution ensures the water temperature remains at a comfortable 37 °C


Rachawadee Home for Persons with Disabilities Protections and Development (for girls), is located in Bang Talat Subdistrict, Pak Kret District Nonthaburi Province, Thailand. It began operations since 1997.

Formerly named, Home for Persons with Disabilities Protections and Development (Children with Autism), it used to house both boys and girls. As the children grew in numbers, it became necessary to separate the boys and girls, to provide better comprehensive care. Thus, became the Rachawadee Home for girls and Rachawadee Home for boys.

At the Rachawadee Home for girls, there were plans to build a swimming pool for the purpose of hydrotherapy. As children with autism are easily distracted and highly sensitive to cold water, thus Waterco’s Electroheat is the ideal solution to warm the pool water to a perfect 37 °C.










The Eletroheat MKIV 9 kW (L) and Electroheat Plus MKIII 37 kW (R)


“The challenge is to provide a system that children can swim throughout the year, so that they can exercise regularly to continually develop their potential especially, during the colder months. Autistic children are more sensitive to the water temperature than others, and if it is not maintain at a certain degree, the children will not want to swim”

Waterco’s Electroheat heat pump was deemed the perfect solution. To be able to keep the water temperature in the pool at 37 °C, which is the right temperature for these children to want to swim and regularly exercise. Maintaining this temperature, it has proven a list of benefits such as healthy skin detoxification of residual waste, keeping them comfortable, reducing symptoms of cold hands and feet, reduce the swelling of varicose veins and to stimulate blood flow which relieves stress as well better sleep.

The solution was to have 1 unit of Electroheat Plus MKIII 37 kW installed for the main pool and 1 unit of Electroheat MKIV 9 kW for the hydrotherapy pool.

These energy efficient heating equipment helps to get the most out of your pool by :
•    Converting every 1 kW of electricity to produce 6 kW of heat. Hence saving of heating costs.
•    Operates with ozone-friendly R410A refrigerant. Kinder to the environment and improves the heat pump’s performance.
•    Dual high performance hermetic scroll compressors run at increased efficiency, with less noise and vibration compared with products using other refrigerant types.

“With products that maintain a desired water temperature in the pool, it allows the children to exercise happily and develop their potential continuously. Therefore, we are confident in choosing WATERCO’s products that are diverse and meets the demand”

Waterco’s distributor from Thailand said.


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