Elevating Aquatic Excellence at TTC Mekong Aqua Park with Waterco’s Cutting-Edge Solutions

Fri, 22 Mar 2024

TTC Mekong Aqua Park. (Source: TTC Hospitality Official Website)


Elevating Aquatic Excellence at TTC Mekong Aqua Park with Waterco’s Cutting-Edge Solutions

Unveiling the Aquatic Wonderland
v. As the region’s inaugural water park and zoo, it beckons visitors with promises of refreshing escapades and immersive experiences. Let’s delve into the partnership that brought this aquatic wonderland to life, featuring Waterco’s advanced water treatment solutions facilitated by their esteemed dealer, Kiti Pool.

Addressing Aquatic Ambitions
TTC Mekong Aqua Park faced a familiar challenge encountered by water parks globally – the meticulous balancing act of maintainingpristine
water conditions, ensuring visitor safety, and optimizing the performance of water-based attractions. With Vietnam’s hot and humid climate adding to the complexity, the park sought a reliable partner to ensure a seamless aquatic experience.

Kiti Pool’s dedicated team diligently worked on the meticulous installation process, showcasing their expertise and commitment to perfection.

Crafting the Waterco Solution
Waterco’s expertise was seamlessly delivered through their trusted dealer, Kiti Pool. Acting as a bridge between the aqua park and Waterco, Kiti Pool played a pivotal role in understanding the unique requirements of TTC Mekong Aqua Park and tailoring a solution that aligned with their ambitious vision.

In collaboration with Kiti Pool, Waterco curated a tailored solution for TTC Mekong Aqua Park, incorporating a range of cutting-edge products to address their specific needs. This included the installation of 6 Waterco SM1200 Micron Media Filters, 6 Hydrostar 550 MKIV pumps, 3 Hydrostar 700 MKIV pumps, 95 floor inlets and 7 main drains.

Waterco’s SM1200 Micron Media Filter (side mount) and Hydrostar MKIV Pumps.

Unveiling Waterco’s Mastery
Waterco’s SM1200 Micron Media Filters boast a unique “fishbone” lateral configuration that optimizes water flow distribution through the filter bed, ensuring efficient filtration in the various pools and attractions. The Hydrostar MKIV pumps, both 550 and 700 variants, contribute to quieter operation, higher flow rates and increased head, all while offering superior mechanical and chemical resistance with their glass-reinforced thermoplastic construction.

The Dynamic Impact
The integration of Waterco’s advanced water treatment solutions, facilitated by Kiti Pool, has resulted in an enhanced aquatic experience at TTC Mekong Aqua Park. Visitors now revel in crystal-clear water in the Kids Pool, exhilarating waves in the Wave Pool and heart-pounding adventures on attractions like the Rainbow Slide and Spiral Tube Slide.

Elevating the Visitor Experience
Noteworthy improvements in water clarity, energy efficiency and overall reliability have been observed since the installation. This collaboration has not just met the specific challenges faced by the aqua park but has elevated the overall visitor experience. The management reports a notable reduction in maintenance costs and downtime, underlining the efficiency and durability of Waterco’s solutions.

Delightful moments unfold as visitors savour the thrills and spills of the aqua park, creating memories of joy and laughter. (Source: TTC Mekong Aqua Park Official Facebook Page)


Strategic Partnership for Aquatic Excellence
The success story of TTC Mekong Aqua Park is not just about water slides and pools; it’s a narrative of strategic collaboration between a visionary aquatic facility, Waterco, and their dedicated dealer, Kiti Pool. This partnership has not only addressed the unique challenges faced by the aqua park but has also set a benchmark for similar projects globally.

TTC Mekong Aqua Park, with Waterco and Kiti Pool at its helm, stands as a testament to the transformative power of industry-leading water treatment solutions. The amalgamation of innovative products, strategic planning and seamless execution has solidified the park’s position as a premier destination for aquatic thrills and family fun in the heart of Vietnam.


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