Higher quality of life begins with cleaner water

Wed, 22 Feb 2023

Higher quality of life begins with cleaner water

Problem Faced

Water is the element of life. We need water just as much as we need air, sunlight and food. For us humans, water is not merely an essential sustenance for our bodies, it is also an indispensable resource we benefit from throughout our daily routine.

First off, water is important for hydration. Living things all require water to survive. Next, water is the main ingredient for cooking, and as part of civilization, cooking is inevitable for humans. We use water to boil, rinse, soak, clean and cook our ingredients. Additionally, water is imperative for cleaning. From dirty laundry and dirty dishes to washing our hands, showering and brushing our teeth, we use water as the basic cleaning agent every single day of our lives. 

Given how significant water is to us, having clean water becomes a priority. The residents of Tijani 2 North Condominium, however, faced an issue of yellowish water supply to their homes.

Likely Cause of the Problem

Yellowish water may be caused by several reasons. For one, contaminants such as iron and manganese in water will turn the water yellow, orange or light brown. Among other reasons, such chemical elements may come from rusted pipes or equipment. Second, discolouration of water can be due to organic materials in the water, such as tannins (by-products of nature’s fermentation process). Likewise, the presence of dirt in water will also cause the water to appear yellowish.

Impacts of the Problem

Generally, yellowish water is often a minor problem that does not cause significant impacts. Yellowish water, regardless of how off-putting it may appear, is pretty harmless and safe for drinking and using. 

Nevertheless, since murky and unclear water is often associated with dirty water, we cannot blame people for having concerns about its safety for consumption. Also, yellowish water may have an unpleasant odour that is unfavourable as potable water.  

Furthermore, yellowish water is not favourable for cleaning purposes. Imagine having to clean your vegetables and cook with yellowish water, not too appealing, isn’t it? And there is the problem with doing laundry: using yellowish water to clean clothes, especially light-coloured ones, can discolour the fabrics and leave clothes with stains and spots. 

Most importantly, one cannot deny that yellowish water is not pleasing to the eye. This is ever so true, particularly for a beautifully designed and lavish development such as the Tijani 2 North.

Solution to the Problem

The solution for the issue of yellowish water is actually fairly simple – Tijani 2 North Condominium needs a simple functioning filtration system to filter its water supply. In the case of Tijani 2 North, Waterco was chosen to undertake the project because of our competitive price. The solution proposed by Waterco was as follows:

Aquaflo Centralised Water Filtration System with Multi-Layered Media

Filter model : AQ700X Top Mount Filters

Media          : Anthracite-Pure    ZeoPlus

                     DMI-Plus               Silica Sand & Gravel








Aquaflo Top Mount Filters (AQ700X) setup at Tijani 2 North Condominium


Outcome of the Project

After the installation of the filtration system, the residents of Tijani 2 North Condominium now enjoy a cleaner, safer and higher-quality crystal-clear water supply.

Brief description of the Waterco Aquaflo Centralised Water Filtration System and Media

Aquaflo Centralised Water Filtration System
The Aquaflo centralised filtration system is a one-stop solution for buildings, be they residential or commercial, low-rise or high-rise. It uses multi-layered-media technology to eliminate hazardous compounds and enhance water quality. The Aquaflo fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) as the main body material makes it lightweight and easy to handle, hence, a terrific choice for retrofit projects. In addition, its weatherproof and chemically inert characteristics will ensure it lasts for decades, with minimum maintenance effort and cost, even when placed outdoors and unsheltered.

The multiple functions and modes (i.e., filter/backwash/rinse modes) of the Aquaflo centralised filtration system make it easy for users to clean the filter regularly. 














Aquaflo Water Filter
(top-mount config)




Anthracite-Pure Media

Anthracite-Pure is a top-quality coal comprising hard, durable coal particles to ensure consistent and reliable filtration performance. It is used for turbidity and suspended solid removal of water. Because it has lighter specific gravity than most filter media, Anthracite-Pure is suitable as part of a multi-layered-media filtration system to enhance the overall filtration efficiency.




ZeoPlus is a natural mineral rock found in areas with a history of volcanic activity. Besides providing excellent mechanical filtration of particles by trapping larger suspended particulates between its grains, ZeoPlus is also capable of filtering smaller particulates by catching them within its microporous structure and surface irregularities.

ZeoPlus also has ammonia removal properties which will significantly improve the quality of water.





DMI-Plus is an extremely powerful catalytic water filtration medium designed to remove iron and manganese in water without needing potassium permanganate or chemical regeneration. DMI-Plus acts as an oxidation catalyst with immediate oxidation and filtration of the insoluble precipitates derived from the oxidation reaction.




Graded Silica Sand & Gravel

Silica Sand
Silica sand is hard-grained quartz which can withstand extreme temperatures and high-pressure conditions. It is an economically feasible filter medium found in most water purification systems.





Gravel is an essential component of many filter systems as a supporting layer which provides stability and prevents the layers of filter media from being disturbed or displaced as water flows. The gravel layer also helps to distribute the flow of water evenly across the filter media, ensuring all areas of the media are utilized and preventing clogging. Gravel helps maintain filtering efficiency and prolong the lifespan of the filter system.





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