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Mon, 22 Feb 2021

Waterco has evolved into a technological and manufacturing powerhouse that makes water filtration and sanitisation system that are more energy and water efficient, and easier to maintain.


KUALA LUMPUR: Waterco Far East Sdn Bhd (WFE), a wholly owned subsidiary of Australia-listed Waterco Ltd, is seeing positive demand from domestic property developers for its water filtration and sanitisation system.

Founder, chairman and group chief executive officer Goh Soon Sinn said property developers, particularly those who are managing existing properties and new development are seeing modern water filtration and sanitisation system for swimming pools and water fountains.

He said since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Malaysia, many swimming pools are off-limit to residents. As such, the filtration and sanitisation was also turned off, resulting in fungal contamination, water decolorisation, odor and rusting on metal components.

Impacted areas are hotels, spas, public pools, aquatic avenues, high rise condominiums and even private residential pools and outdoor water filtration systems.

"Residents management bodies and property developers foresee this as a serious problem and are now investing in a a modern system that can do a proper and thorough cleaning, filtration and sanitisation of pools and water fountains.

"This is where we see opportunities in our products and services. And we are seeing the growth demand for our products in Malaysia, particularly in these area of business," Goh told The New Straits Times.

Established in 1981 with a single pool pump store in Sydney and listed on the Australian ASX in 1989, Waterco has evolved into a technological and manufacturing powerhouse that makes products more energy and water efficient, and easier to maintain.

With its head office is in Sydney, Waterco has international offices, manufacturing, research and development (R&D) plants and warehouses located in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom.

During the first Movement Control Order (MCO) that came in force in March last year, the Malaysia Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) approved workers at WFE to resume production at 50 per cent headcount.

Waterco is seeing the growth demand for the products in Malaysia, particularly in few areas of business.

"We are very positive of our market in Malaysia, coming from the numerous new development projects such as condominiums, hotels and even the existing ones.

"The company has been constantly engaging with developers, joint management bodies and hotel operators to market our products and solutions," Goh said, adding that the company is also putting importance R&D on products specifically manufactured to cope with the current challenge and uncertainties in safety and hygiene.

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