Worlds first all-in-one pre-filter and filter unveil

Mon, 7 Mar 2011

MultiCyclone Plus the answer to water and energy conservation

As Australian pool owners become increasingly impacted by rising electricity and water bills, Waterco has the answer for water and energy conservation with the launch of the world first, next generation filtration solution for the pool: the MultiCyclone Plus.

Waterco, an international swimming pool and water treatment specialist, first introduced the MultiCyclone technology in 2007, offering a major industry innovation. The original MultiCyclone, a revolutionary centrifugal pre-filtration device, has since won myriad accolades.

The Australian-designed and invented MultiCyclone Plus takes the patented technology a huge leap forward. And Waterco's group marketing director, Bryan Goh says 'it will be for the swimming pool industry what Dyson was for the vacuum cleaner industry.'

In simple terms, the MultiCyclone Plus is a compact, all-in-one pre-filtration and filtration unit. It combines all of the revolutionary features of its predecessor with an inbuilt cartridge filter – and the streamlined design means the entire pool filtration system can be installed vertically, atop a standard pool pump.

The MultiCyclone Plus uses the most advanced hydro cyclone technology to reduce the footprint of the filtration system. The reduced workload of the filter cartridge greatly improves pool circulation and allows vacuuming of the pool without overburdening the filter cartridge. It means the MultiCyclone Plus is a safe and cost effective easy way to save between 7,000 and 10,000 litres of pool water per year compared with sand filtration systems.

'We have created an ultra-compact, complete pool filtration system which occupies virtually half the footprint of a 24-inch sand filter,' says Goh.'By placing the MultiCyclone on the top of the filter, it takes up the footprint of the pump, which means it's more hydraulically efficient.

'This greatly enhanced efficiency means that a small ¾ horsepower or 0.61kW pump is capable of circulating water through it. Plus it only requires simple, minimal plumbing.Regardless of whether you have a plunge pool or a 70,000 litre pool, the MultiCyclone Plus has the power and capability to filter it. In short, the pool water ends up cleaner with less upkeep.

'And the MultiCyclone Plus has already been received by industry. We received great feedback when we previewed it at the leading industry shows SPLASH 2010 and Lyon Piscine 2010.'

How MultiCyclone technology works
The MultiCyclone Plus increases the capacity of the 40 square foot filter cartridge by five times, equivalent to a 200 square foot filter cartridge. Its centrifugal section filter pre-filters up to 80 per cent of the dirt which would normally go into the filter, and drains it out. The frequency of filter maintenance is thus significantly reduced, and it only takes 15 litres of water to flush the unit, thus saving pool owners time and money.

Independently tested, internationally awarded
Waterco's MultiCyclone technology has been independently tested by NSF International, the world leader in standards development, product certification, education and risk management. Tests showed that the MultiCyclone can save swimming pool and spa operators both time and money by drastically reducing filter maintenance.  Further, the MultiCyclone can extend the life of filter media or cartridges by decreasing the filter's incoming dirt load.

In 2007 the MultiCyclone technology was awarded the Piscina Barcelona Sustainability at the prestigious International Swimming Pool Exhibition, Piscina BCN.  And in 2010 it was named the Environmental Product of the Year at the SPLASH! Environmental Awards – the world's only such awards for the swimming pool, spa and aquatics industries.

Key benefits of the new MultiCyclone Plus include:

Improved pool performance

  • The reduced workload of the filter cartridge greatly improves pool circulation and allows vacuuming of the pool without over burdening the filter cartridge

Water conservation

  • Minimal water is required to main the MultiCyclone plus
  • Only 15 litres of water is required to flush its sediment chamber
  • Saves between  7,000 and 10,000 litres of water per year compared to sand filtration systems
  • Saves on pool chemicals and pool heating

Ease of maintenance

  • MultiCyclone Plus offers the environmental benefits of cartridge filtration without the inconvenience of frequent filter cartridge removal, cleaning and replacement
  • Offers similar convenience to a sand filter without the need for excessive volumes of water to backwash the filter.
  • UV and corrosion proof

Compact cartridge

  • Small and easy to handle
  • Requires minimal cleaning
  • Cost effective to replace
  • Unique size to the MultiCyclone plus

The MultiCyclone Plus is sold in Australia, Europe, Asia and the United States. In Australia, the device sells for $XXX (incl. GST) in Swimart stores around the country (

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