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Thu, 15 Sep 2011

Waterco Europe announces new facility in France

Lyon “the perfect French base”


The European division of Waterco, a leading manufacturer and distributor of products for the international swimming pool and water treatment markets, has opened a new facility in Lyon, France in order to cater to the region’s biggest customer base.

Situated in the heart of the French swimming pool market with access to valuable transport links, Waterco’s new office will allow the company to offer an efficient service to not only the French market but also its neighbouring countries.

“Waterco Europe has always been focused on expanding its European operation through either expansion or acquisitions,” says Tony Fisher, managing director of Waterco Europe France. “France is possibly the largest swimming pool market in the region so it made sense to open an operation there.”

In addition to promoting the Waterco range of product lines through recognised distribution centres throughout France, the new facility will also service surrounding countries, predominantly those located in southern Europe.

Heading the Lyon operation will be Jose Angel Gonzalez, an industry professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the European swimming pool market.

“Waterco’s product range is reasonably diverse so we are able to cater for a number of different markets encompassing the swimming pool, water treatment and aquaculture markets,” Fisher adds.

“Waterco Europe has enjoyed solid growth over the past five years within many of these markets and we see this continuing with the opening of Waterco France.”

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