Waterco releases most reliable precision flow meter

Thu, 6 Nov 2014

Waterco releases most advanced, reliable precision flow meter
FlowVis® ideal for variable pumps

Waterco Ltd has released a new flow meter, the FlowVis® - hailed as the most advanced, affordable and reliable precision flow meter for swimming pools, spas, fountains and water features.

The FlowVis® connects into either a 50mm or 65mm PVC pipe. It can be used either as a permanent or temporary installation, and it’s the ideal valve to install in conjunction with variable/multi-speed pumps.

“This will enable accurate pump operating speed adjustments to ensure sufficient water flows to the pools filtration and sanitising equipment,” explains George Flory, Waterco’s Domestic Water Care Product Manager.

“The FlowVis® can also be used by a pool service technician as a temporary connect when they are installing and adjusting pool equipment as variable/multi-speed pumps and even pool, heating equipment when setting up to ensure particular flow rates are achieved.”

In addition to operating as a flow meter, the FlowVis® is also a fully functioning check valve. As flow increases and decreases, the check valve’s flapper swings within its range of motion. The product features a specially designed calibration spring, indicating arm and an extended height valve body lid.

The FlowVis® is also the first flow meter to be tested and certified to NSF50, with the process confirming average accuracy within just 2.01 per cent between 76 and 416 LPM across all certified models.

“Ordinarily, a significant premium would be paid for this level of precision; however, FlowVis® costs far less than other flow meters which come even close to this level of performance,” Flory says.

In addition, the FlowVi®s has been designed for installation flexibility top of mind; it can be installed horizontally, vertically or even upside down.

Key features of the FlowVis®:

  • Combined functionality of flow meter and check valve
  • Average accuracy of 2.01 per cent between 76 and 416 LPM
  • NSF 50 compliant for complete range
  • Installation flexibility
  • Clear, easy to read scale in LPM
  • Easily installed, requires no calibration
  • 5-year breakage warranty
  • NSF certified to 50 psi (345kPa)

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