Two standout energy efficient Waterco products win five coveted industry awards

Mon, 27 Aug 2018

“Sustainability fuels innovation – and it sells” says SPASA spokesperson

Waterco’s energy efficient pool and spa innovations have been recognised at the annual Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) awards, with three chapters of the organisation signalling out the same two products for top honours.

The Hydrochlor Chlorinator and Britestream MK5 LED Light received the following awards:

  • Gold for Sustainable Product of the Year – Britestream MK5 LED Light (NSW SPASA Awards)
  • Silver for Product of the Year – Hydrochlor Chlorinator (NSW SPASA Awards)
  • Silver for Product of the Year – Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator (SA SPASA Awards)
  • Silver for Sustainable Product of the Year – Britestream MK5 LED Light (SA SPASA Awards)
  • Bronze for Sustainable Product of the Year – Britestream MK5 LED Light (SPASA National Awards of Excellence)


“The need for energy savings is increasingly gaining awareness in the pool and spa market and these awards reinforce Waterco as a pioneer in designing and manufacturing sustainable products,” says Waterco group marketing director Bryan Goh.

“Our R&D department has worked hard to fine tune both products and so these awards validate our company’s mantra to help pool and spa owners reduce their water and energy consumption.”

66 per cent less electricity and a universal housing that reduces store inventory requirements

Hydrochlor uses Switch Mode Power supply that uses up to 66 per cent less electricity compared to standard toroidal transformer chlorinators.

"It Intelligently recognises the size of the connected salt cell and automatically adjusts its power output," Bryan explains.

Furthermore, retail stores only need to stock one power pack and three different sized cells, thereby reducing their inventory requirements.

"Hydrochlor cell housings are universal, so if the required cell is not in stock, a store can simply supply an alternate cell and replace the installed cell at a later date," he says.

Increasing light transmission by 50 percent using the same amount of electricity

"Britestream significantly boosts colour saturation and increases light transmission by 50 percent with the same input of energy," Bryan explains. "The combination of the new lens and new German LEDs has resulted in an increase in brightness of 258 per cent with the same power usage of only 15 watts."

Sustainability fuels innovations

SPASA Australia chief operating officer Spiros Dassakis says that while not everyone is an environmental crusader, the increasing uptake of energy and water efficient products prove that even on a micro level, people want to save money.

“For today’s pool and spa consumers, a sustainable brand is considered a more desirable brand,” says Spiros, who recently launched ‘Climate Care Certified’, the new benchmark for efficiency and sustainability in the swimming pool and spa industry.

“Furthermore, manufacturers, retailers, builders and technicians want it because sustainability sells. That’s because they are now gaining a better understanding of who their customers are insofar as the environment, and the costs associated with their pools and spas and the potential savings.”

“Waterco, as an industry multi-award winner, has embraced the need for consumers to be provided with a choice that enables them to feel positive about their decision to invest in a pool and/or spa,” he says. “And, as an early adopter of sustainable technologies, it has also reinvented its products with consumers’ preferences in mind.”

Put simply, Spiros believes Waterco’s commitment to environmental sustainability allows pool and spa consumers to feel responsible.

“Energy efficiency provides us with an inspired industry,” he says. “Our vision is to create a sustainable, growing industry that continues to appeal to people who want to purchase pool and spa products. Waterco, being an award winner in these particular categories, is a sign that our industry is responsive and agile and has the potential to shape consumer behaviour. Because ultimately, we want people to walk away feeling good about their pool and spa purchases, and Waterco is helping lead that change.” 

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