Self-levelling skimmer meets growing demand for water-smart pool products

Mon, 24 Feb 2020

Ecoskim’s all-weather design ideal for droughts, dust storms and downpours

Sydney, Australia, February 17, 2020 – Ecoskim, the Australian-made pool cleaning device that reduces top-ups, protects equipment and simplifies maintenance, is now distributed nationally by Waterco Ltd  (ASX: WAT). Designed in response to Queensland’s ongoing drought conditions, Ecoskim conserves water while also helping keep pools clean and cost-efficient during fluctuating weather conditions.

“From drought events and dust storms to flash flooding in a matter of weeks – pool owners across Australia have had a particularly challenging summer,” says Waterco group marketing director Bryan Goh. “Whilst we can’t control the weather, with the Ecoskim, we can easily keep up the maintenance of our pool regardless of the forecast.”
Compared with a standard skimmer box, fewer water top-ups are required due to the device’s unique floating design and powerful ‘weir effect’ that operates effectively in all water levels.

“You no longer have to worry about the pump running dry when water drops below the skimmer box,”  Goh explains. “Having a much larger water level window and leaf basket also means a pool can go months without requiring top-ups – perfect for when you’re on holidays or away for extended periods.”

How Ecoskim works

Ecoskim is connected by a flexible hose directly into the suction end of the pool's filtration system. As water is drawn in, the floating component finds a differential between the different water levels, creating a weir effect that skims floating debris from the surface. Ecoskim continues to operate regardless of water levels (down to 350mm below coping, or top edge).

When surface debris is removed, it is less likely to settle and breakdown on the pool floor. This reduces cleaning cycles and chemical costs.

"Skimmer boxes, in their current form, have been around for about 30-40 years, and the overall concept of how they operate had remained largely unchanged – despite attitudes to sustainability and water usage evolving dramatically over the past decade," says inventors Mark Davies and Paul De Groot.

Ecoskims key product features and consumer benefits

  •  Easy to install and use – attaches to most skimmer boxes and operates immediately
  •  Streamlined design – fits snugly under the pool's coping
  •  Durable materials – made from high-quality UV-stabilised polymer
  •  Protects equipment – prevents the pump running dry during low water levels
  •  Improves skimming – weir effect skims floating debris from the waters surface
  •  Removes surface debris – attracts surface debris more quickly than standard skimmer
  •  Reduces upkeep – large leaf basket traps more debris
  •  Dual cleaner – operates simultaneously with pool floor suction cleaners

Whether you are on town or tank water, Ecoskim is a valuable piece of equipment for pool owners who want to enjoy their investment without costing the earth,” says Goh.

For further information, please contact:

Bryan Goh

Waterco Group Marketing Director

Waterco Ltd. (ASX:WAT)

36 South Street, Rydalmere, NSW 2116

p 02 98988600


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